back to article Slap your apps on this Dell-flavoured testing server before tossing them on Azure Stack

Dell and cloud managed services provider NTT Communications have launched a specialised server that lets IT departments test apps for Microsoft's Azure Stack. As an on-premises version of Azure, Redmond's new platform is designed to reduce cloud-native app latency while better addressing sovereignty and security, à la VMware's …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just a short comment about "..biting the bullet." It will typically cost you north of 130K to get started on Azure Stack with one of the hardware partners (Dell/HPE/Lenovo). The PoC costs from NTT are around 3K - refundable. Coupled with sound advice from engineers that have been working with Azure Stack for nearly year. I know which risk-free route I would prefer to take!

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