back to article What's in this Monday morning storage BLT? A 12TB WD HDD, wars of words – and more

Hungry for storage news? Tuck into this bulging storage sarnie for breakfast. Cohesity's war of words Patrick Rogers, marketing and product management veep at Cohesity, took exception to comments about Cohesity by Rubrik CEO Bipul Sinha earlier this month. Rogers told El Reg: "I just read your article about Rubrik where Bipul …

  1. Lysenko

    Hungry for storage news?


    "Storage news" is about as interesting to most IT professionals as "Spanner news" is to most car drivers.

    I'm not saying there isn't a place for it, but why the disproportionate obsession with storage compared to all the other vital components? Server news? Router news? Firewall news? I don't expect you to pay attention to my own interest (embedded micro-controllers) or "Facilities" stuff (CRACs & Racks), but if you're going to cover the contents of DCs you could do a better job of reflecting what really goes into them. Judging by Reg coverage an outside observer would guess the average DC is 80% storage arrays, 10% servers and 10% networks (it isn't).

    1. Simon Harris

      Re: Hungry for storage news?

      Someone got out of bed the wrong side this morning.

      I suppose I can't interest you in one of these then...

      1. Lysenko

        Re: Hungry for storage news?

        I suppose I can't interest you in one of these then...

        Correct, you can't. I have a full set myself, but lovingly polishing my Snap On isn't something you're likely to catch me doing. Same goes for reading spanner fan fiction or looking at explicit centrefolds of the latest torque wrench sensation.

        I have nothing against "storage" in particular, only the skewed emphasis. In the DC I'm working right now, 0.25% of cabinets (i.e. "2") are dedicated to storage. The rest is made up of the spinning rust and SSDs in the server and blade chassis which were acquired incidentally in the same way that your new car comes with a battery. No-one specified those disks beyond size, it was just whatever Dell, HP and IBM happened to be shipping that month (basically, "storage" doesn't even interest the guys building the DC very much).

        Most DCs are not giant, online bit barns dedicated to storing and streaming terabytes of cat photos, pr0n and "Game of Thrones" as fast as possible; and if you do want that you're more likely to talk to AWS or Azure than start purchasing equipment yourself (e.g. NetFlix). Your more typical processing centric DC is no more interested in the minutiae of storage access time (meaning one SSD vs. another) than the exact BTU dump rate of the CRAC units - all that matters is sensible price, performance and MTBF.

        Current coverage is like reading a car magazine with an editor who has a rubber fetish ("Feast your eyes on the new Michelin XYZ's with 14.2% more grip and 8% greater fluid expulsion capacity, modelled here by some new Ferrari supercar we're not very interested in." ... wrote no automotive journalist, ever).

        1. Alister

          Re: Hungry for storage news?

          lovingly polishing my Snap On isn't something you're likely to catch me doing

          Hem hem...

  2. Richard 12 Silver badge

    13 hours to copy a disk?

    Ouch. I don't think I want that many eggs in a single basket.

    1. Simon Harris

      Re: 13 hours to copy a disk?

      I guess the most sensible way to use these is as part of a RAID6 set.

      1. Alistair Silver badge

        Re: 13 hours to copy a disk?


        ZFS. (freebsd and smokes oracles crap)

      2. Richard 12 Silver badge

        Re: 13 hours to copy a disk?

        Well yes, but if it's 13 hours just to read the whole disk, how long is the rebuild time of a RAID set?

  3. Alister

    What's in this Monday morning storage BLT?

    Well, looking at the photo, it appears to be a Lady Sybil Vimes healthy option, with bacon, lettuce and TOMATO.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Helium-filled disk" are they just trying to make IT kit more difficult for independent companies to repair.

    1. choleric

      Right, they're looking to noble that part of the market.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Too glad somebody called out Bipul @ Rubrik's bollocks. Good on you Cohesity (and Chris Mellor for publishing). Cohesity is brilliant tech.

    Now Rubrik doesn't seem to understand their own direct competition, let alone their technical bugs.

    Perhaps Kevin Durant can help? :)

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