back to article After Microsoft calls out HP Inc over stalled Windows 10 logins, HP bounces back with a fix

After enduring roughly two weeks of complaints, HP Inc has today produced a fix for folks struggling with blank screens on their computers. A Windows 10 update, released by Microsoft on September 12, caused HP PCs to get stuck showing black displays after users attempt to log in. Machine owners reported seeing nothing but …

  1. bombastic bob Silver badge

    I was hoping...

    I was hoping it would UNINSTALL Win-10-nic and give you the option to use Win7 or Linux.

    Oh well, my hopes are dashed. dammit.

    1. wallaby

      Re: I was hoping...

      Dashed .........


      Deluded and predictable maybe


      1. hplasm

        Re: I was hoping...


        Updates and reboots still keeping you up?

        1. wallaby

          Re: I was hoping...


          Updates and reboots still keeping you up?"


          the predictable tedium of a whining penguinista, its like being back in the junior school playground so ruddy borinnnnnnnnggggg and the main reason I can never take Linux as a serious alternative in a business environment. Mind you, give him his due - in this case he plaudits Win7 (he must have had a pod in his greenhouse)

  2. big_D Silver badge

    Not all HPs

    My Spectre x360 wasn't affected.

    Any information on which models / brands of HP devices were affected?

  3. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    Ooh a success!

    I wonder how long we'll have to wait for HP to fix their shoddy printer drivers?

    How long is it until the heat-death of the universe again...

    1. Michael Kean

      Re: Ooh a success!

      Don't worry.

      The printhead will mysteriously die before then.

    2. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Re: Ooh a success!

      Just use the HP UPD - HP Universal Print Driver.

      It works with majority of features on laserjets with half the bloat.

      1. Nick Ryan Silver badge

        Re: Ooh a success!

        If "works" you mean "throws up an application error every time a user prints anything" the yes, it does work - and works "well" at that.

        It turns out the fix, that HP appear to be very keen to not publicise, it to disable all "smart" features of the print driver. These are the annoying "smart" features that seem to spend more time telling a user to replace a recently replaced cartridge than doing any actual printing.

  4. W.O.Frobozz

    And still no real fix for random 0xc00002a blue screens.

    (other than the microsoft standard "reinstall from scratch" non solution).

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Blames HP for Windows update crashes ..

    A Windows update crashes on HP hardware, but it's somehow HPs fault.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Blames HP for Windows update crashes ..

      Yes, a bit like if you let all the oil out of the engine, and let the tyres go all flat, and rearrange all the wires.

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