back to article Puppet plays puppet master, gobbles up automation firm Distelli

Puppet has rolled out the corporate playbook and turned puppet master for another automation company. Oregon-based automation vendor Puppet acquired the continuous delivery software firm Distelli on Wednesday for an undisclosed amount. Puppet swapped out its founder and CEO with COO Sanjay Mirchandani back in September 2016. …

  1. Semtex451

    Master of Puppets

    Now I have to go listen to the album at ear bleeding volume

    1. Scott 26

      Re: Master of Puppets

      Came here for the 'tallica.... was disappointed until the comments

  2. lleres

    Struggling to stay relevant

    Good luck with that, Puppet. The world has moved on while you were busy playing with puppets.

  3. Kaltern

    Mirror mirror, on the floor.

    Damn, I dropped my breakfast.

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