back to article Hitachi Data Systems is no more! Arise the new 'Hitachi Vantara'

Hitachi Data Systems is no more: the venerable storage vendor has been subsumed into a new outfit called “Hitachi Vantara” that says it “helps data-driven leaders find and use the value in their data to innovate intelligently and reach outcomes that matter for business and society.” The new organisation remains a Hitachi …

  1. Lysenko

    Vantara means "ages" or "eons" in Hindi, most commonly as "mana-vantara" (ages of Manu) which is about 4.3 million years. Hopefully this mirrors their intentions regarding company stability rather than product delivery schedules.

  2. Mr Dogshit

    Sounds like a particularly naff and bland Vauxhall.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You're right, but it still sounds a whole lot better than "Pentaho", doesn't it? I suppose that company's employees are grateful that it's a "p" not an "r". Seriously, WTF were they thinking?

      And everybody at Vantara might be deeply unimpressed with brands like "Ledswinger" and "Mr Dogshit", much as I approve of them.

  3. Len Goddard


    If you have to explain what a logo or name is supposed to convey then you have completely failed. If it is not pretty obvious from the outset it is meaningless/useless/a waste of money.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Interesting Initials

    HiV!?! Great acronym.

  5. Jim 59


    $article = "" unless $article ~= /josticks|whale *song/;

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