back to article Now EE's challenging UK regulator's mobile spectrum proposals

EE has officially launched its legal challenge against Ofcom's spectrum proposals, a move prompted by Three's judicial review formally submitted earlier this month. The biz wants to split the rules for bidding on the different bands, under Ofcom's plans to stop mobile phone companies from owning more than 37 per cent of usable …

  1. Christopher Rogers

    Let three buy o2 and make it a fair fight.

    1. stuff and nonesense

      NO, Three have been nothing but trouble for me, no signal, bad service.

      Would walk the day such a deal happened.

  2. tiggity Silver badge

    Bald men fighting over a comb

    Spectrum auctions are all well and good but ...

    I spend plenty of time in out of the way places (usually with zero mobile coverage - not even 999 possible) - which means eye wateringly expensive satellite phone needed in case of problems (if you have a nasty accident on a mountain in the middle of nowhere then being able to call for help v. useful)

    Can we please enforce 100% (and decent quality signal not some micro fraction of a signal bar quality) coverage of the UK.

    .. and non exorbitant roaming if a telco other than your own has the monopoly on the mast for that area.

    The current scenario leads to big cities being well served (as lots of potential customers = lots of potential cash), but places with 1000X more sheep than people getting dismal / no coverage.

    1. Commswonk

      Re: Bald men fighting over a comb

      Can we please enforce 100% (and decent quality signal not some micro fraction of a signal bar quality) coverage of the UK.

      A cynic writes:

      If you think about it EE ought to be doing that as a matter of course, given their (supposed?) commitment to ESR. Note the weasel word "ought".

      1. Richard Jones 1

        Re: Bald men fighting over a comb

        I live about 25 miles from the centre of London and half a mile from a motorway running straight into London. The only sheep are those bused in to mow a water meadow at the correct time of the year.

        Pretty Please EE can I have some in house service like I used to have in the days of One-2-One?

        Voice and data would be nice. Since the stupid medical lot insist on calling the mobile and not the land line they were told to use, (as EE service here is crap), I guess I need some mobile service.

  3. Not also known as SC


    "BT/EE currently holds 42 per cent of immediately usable UK mobile spectrum"

    Then why the hell do I never get a decent EE signal no matter where I go...?

    1. Roj Blake

      Re: Really?

      Because they haven't invested in the infrastructure to support their customers.

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