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Trello has figured out that there's life beyond the confines of a browser, so has created desktop apps for MacOS and Windows. The recently-Atlassian-acquired outfit says it's created the apps because users want them. Badly. Because Trello tends to get lost. The announcement of the app says “As you’re reading this post, the …

  1. veti Silver badge

    That helps, does it?

    How exactly is "getting lost among browser tabs" any worse than "getting lost among the docked or taskbar apps"?

    Now all we need is for every other frickin' website to have the same brainwave, and we'll be right back where we started. By which I mean, before the invention of the web. Great plan.

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: That helps, does it?

      Not entirely where we were back before. The desktop apps will just be a window frame rendering HTML pages meaning they' render slowly, but because of the browser everyone's used to that now.

      1. Tom 38 Silver badge

        Re: That helps, does it?

        See also: Flowdock's "native" application; webkit and a slow JS implementation mean that it uses even more resources than it did in the browser.

  2. Chris 3

    Not a dreadful idea, but...

    ... horrible implementation

    I'm a heavy Trello user, so downloaded this yesterday. It's written in Electron, is pretty laggy and when I last looked, was taking up about 700MB of RAM. Alerts are nice, but that's about all it offers me. I'll be sticking to the browser

  3. Nosbod

    Chrome Desktop App

    In Chrome, Menu > More tools > Add to desktop ... tick Open as window. Problem solved.

    1. 27escape

      Re: Chrome Desktop App

      Many thanks for the tip, useful for other sites too, I was just going to suggest detaching the tab, but this feature I had not see before is v nice

  4. luminous

    I hope they don't alienate all their windows users who install this and then spend ages looking for their "dock".

    If it's a native app then good, but going on a previous comment, it looks like just a frame that loads a webpage that takes up loads of memory so more pain than it's worth.

    Tried Trello at the beginning, all my colleagues and I loved it for about 2 days then slowly just began to fall out with it and never used it again. Can't put my finger on what about the app that turned us away... perhaps it's not wanting to do housekeeping which managing your boards feels like in a way. Or the subconscious way it leads you to move all boards to the far right to get them finished, sometimes without having completed the task fully.

    We went back to email, phone and chat which seems to work absolutely fine.

    1. joed

      They already alienated Windows users that swore not to fall into the Store. And for what? A crApp

    2. veti Silver badge

      I introduced Trello to our company a couple of years ago, as a substitute for email for particular (limited) functions, and it's great. Tasks no longer get randomly forgotten. Previously something like 3, 4% of requests would simply get lost - one person swore they'd sent them, but we knew we'd never received them; or, we received them and saw they were future-dated, then forgot about them.

      It does need to be limited to (extremely) clearly defined tasks, though. If there's any wiggle room about how a card can be interpreted, then it's no use.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I see the usual suspects in there

    I notice that super useless part of the Government, the Government Digital Service, is also listed as a user. Makes sense, they've been exporting everything else to the US so why not place all secrets right there to save time?

  6. 2+2=5 Silver badge


    > Trellotopia? Yep, someone got paid to write that.

    Yeah, but only in the sense that they won a bet...

  7. BebopWeBop Silver badge

    I Know I'll get down voted

    but what is Trello and why should care?

    1. LesB

      Re: I Know I'll get down voted

      Saved me asking :)

      Just had a look at the site, and apparently:

      Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.

      Sounds like something I'd prefer to avoid, really...

      1. handleoclast

        Re: I Know I'll get down voted


        Sounds like something I'd prefer to avoid, really...

        But you can use Gravatar to add a funky, kewl, witty avatar. Doesn't that make it seem so much better?


        You're right. It's like tying a ribbon around a turd. It may look a little better after doing so, but it still smells and it's still a pile of shite.

        Yeah, I'll get downthumbed for that. I don't care. If you had the ability to force me to use Trello again, then I'd care. Right now I'm happily untrelloed. And enjoying it.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I Know I'll get down voted

      Atlassian paid $1/2-a-billion for it, that's what it is.

      You should care b/c the $500M purchase of Trello is karmic punishment for Atlassian for delivering Service Desk as a black box.

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