back to article The Register Lecture: The secrets of power in the digital age

Forget information, bitcoin, even porn. There’s only one currency that ultimately matters in the digital world, and that’s power. A new, digital form of power has chipped away at the old, familiar citadels where power used to reside. It has scared CEOs, forced politicians to resign, swallowed up newspapers, eclipsed experts, …

  1. Red Bren
    Thumb Up

    The North, we've heard of it...

    Any chance of hosting an El Reg lecture in Yorkshire, rather than in a London pub with Yorkshire in its name? The beer is cheaper and we're friendly...

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: The North, we've heard of it...

      The beer is better, too.

  2. jake Silver badge

    Fifteen quid. Not bad.

    Plus transportation to London. And room & board for at least a night. Not good.

    I think I'll pass. I suspect I'm not alone.

    Curiosity makes me wonder what percentage of ElReg's readership are in the right place to take advantage of this kind offer.

  3. M7S

    Not as far as Yorkshire but

    Whilst I used to work in London, and attended a few of these, I don't currently and its about an hour and a half's travel.

    Still worth it in my view, but I appreciate that YMMV (literally)

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