back to article Microsoft pitches encrypted Azure to keep cloud data secret

Microsoft has a unveiled a set of services it hopes will alleviate security concerns with its public cloud service. Known as Azure Confidential Computing, the service is currently in an early access test and aims to provide security for cloud data while it is in use by cloud applications. The idea, says Microsoft, is to keep …

  1. hplasm

    Microsoft pitches encrypted Azure to keep cloud data secret

    But from whom..?

    1. phuzz Silver badge

      Re: Microsoft pitches encrypted Azure to keep cloud data secret

      The US DoJ, so that next time they get a warrant for someone's data the can legitimately tell them to do one, rather than dragging it through court for years.

  2. Jase Prasad

    Microsoft: "Quick, we better reassure our tax avoiding clients will remain safe."

    Such a significant announcement, all the more Interesting how such a security conscious variant of Azure is revealed hours after our government's HMRC department announces the appointment of their new CIO - Jacky Wright - who is due to take up the post in October 2017. But where is Jacky Wright currently based? She is Microsoft's corporate vice president and veep of IT strategic services.

  3. whitepines


    ....if you trust the great Data Slurp that is Microsoft not to have access via another method. Their over-reliance on Intel's black box, ME-controlled isolation technology is another major fail IMHO.

    This changes nothing in terms of trustworthiness of cloud services! If you don't own the box and it's not under your exclusive physical control you really have no security to speak of with current technology.

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