back to article Goldman Sachs tips $38m into Nasuni's hat

Cloud storage gateway business Nasuni has picked up $38m in extra funding to boost research and development, customer success, and go-to-market efforts, taking the total raised to around $120m. Here is what we know of Nasuni’s funding progress: 2008 - founded, 2009 - $8m A-round, 2010 - $15m B-round 2012 - $20m C-round …

  1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    How nice of them

    If GS Growth is putting money in then you know that they are expecting a big fat reward. It sounds much better when you paint it as extra funding to boost research and development but all they want is a 200% return.

    Be afraid, very afraid.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: How nice of them

      Having worked for GS for many years ... a long time ago, I can confidently tell you they will be expecting a far bigger return than 200%. Given that even at this late stage of funding a fair percentage startups crash. You have to get a lot of money out of those that succeed to pay for those that don't.

      What also should be mentioned is that despite GS being a banking firm it is also very much a company that values technology. I remember the chap who GS is putting on the board of this firm. 15 years ago he was one of their unix SA's.

  2. WillbeIT

    Being the predatory self serving capitalist Co(#$fa(e$ they are, there is no better sign to existing investors to get the f out of a start up than when Gold Sacks get involved. They only ever stalk positions of elevated shareholder rights. All existing shareholders...check the deal!!! and (whispering voice) "get out"

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