back to article What's a storage burrito, you ask? Why all the newsy tidbits chopped, cooked and wrapped up

Good morning, storage fans. Last week we were buzz-bombed with a barrage of storage updates, but we kept quite a few aside to wrap up into something easily digestible. It's a bit more substantial than the blob-dropping treat you might grab at the food truck, though, so get a napkin, plate, and some cutlery, find a quiet room and …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No news from EMC ?

    that's odd.

  2. Chris Mellor 1

    No all-flash at NetApp And Framestore

    I was told by someone who should know; "No "all flash" at Framestore. Just Pixit's standard-ish SAS and NL-SAS [HDD] layers, with SSD for metadata."


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