back to article Esoptra pimps pluglets for thin file contents provisioning

Esoptra has invented a thin content provisioned virtualized filer sitting in front of object storage. The Esoptra software product and company have been created by co-founders CEO Paul Carpentier and CTO Jan Van Riel. The two originally defined and developed the principles of object storage at FilePool, EMC (Centera) and …

  1. paulrmc

    No free lunch - we DID have to sweat the hard stuff :-)

    Hi Chris,

    I wish we had discovered a way to make pluglets as easy to develop as they are without doing all the hard grunt work deep down in the guts of the beast... Because it is indeed our platform which takes care of all the hard stuff: security, runtime isolation, authentication and authorization along current standards. That is how pluglets can be just a couple pages of code in any programming language: they only need to address the back-end(s) access functionality and any desired transformations without caring about UI, security, scaling, HA, storage maintenance i.e., the hard stuff. Knowing Jan & me you could have guessed we weren’t going to leave that to our customers ;-) A little rectification in the article would be much appreciated as it concerns the heart of our value prop. Oh, and Esoptra is *ancient* Greek for “mirrors”. Salient detail here is that the former didn’t know any glass whatsoever - their mirrors were metal shields that were polished to the tune of many nightly hours and loads of elbow grease. Hard stuff so to speak.

    — Paul Carpentier, Founder & CEO, Esoptra

    1. paulrmc

      Re: No free lunch - we DID have to sweat the hard stuff :-)

      Thanks for adressing the potential confusion, Chris! Much appreciated!

      — Paul

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