back to article Look! We have direct fibre connection too, wails Google Cloud

In a bid to attract large enterprise clientele shackled to Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure, Google Cloud has announced a direct connection offering. On Thursday, Google added a private fibre network customers can use to interface directly from a co-location facility to its cloud services, eliminating any reliance on a …

  1. Naselus

    Doubt it's aimed at AWS/Azure

    AWS and, to a lesser extent, Azure are basically already out of reach of anyone. AWS completely dominates the market, and even Azure must be as big as the next 2-3 players combined by now. This is chicken feed for infighting among the cloud pygmies; a budget version of the big dogs' offering that will help gather up most of the crumbs falling from the table but isn't going to win Google a seat of their own.

    1. Adam 52 Silver badge

      Re: Doubt it's aimed at AWS/Azure

      Google don't see it that way. They are actively trying to poach AWS customers.

      Google aren't that far behind and they're ahead in some areas.

      What really irritates me is that whereas AWS target the techies "here's a neat new tool you can use" Google target c-suite "we're better than AWS at... and cheaper" whist ignoring all the things that Google are bad at (data security being the obvious one) resulting in top-down diktats.

  2. Jamie Jones Silver badge

    back again

    As usual, the world is going around in circles.

  3. Karlis 1

    I find the sponsored articles trying to imply that Azure somehow is a significant or even meaningful player in the cloud space rather tiring.

    Can we stop peddling Gartner level bullshit all around?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I disregard Gartner BS like anyone else, but how do you know Azure is insignificant and meaningless? Everyone is a minnow compared to AWS but it's not like AWS is 99% of the market.

  4. IPman

    Google owns Android

    I think most people are being very shortsighted.

    Owning an OS which will be used in pretty much every mobile device &service in the world as well as a productivity suite Google Apps give Google a different advantage that neither AWS or Azure have.

    While i don't dispute that AWS and Azure are ahead of the game (for now), i would never count out Google who have so much money that it will be a three horse race between them, Amazon & Microsoft.

    With Android being embedded into multiple facets of life from cars to banking terminals/kiosks (and loads more too) as well as Google now about to acquire HTC, i see that Google are moving in a different direction.

    Virtual Reality will also enable Google to deliver to devices (HTC ones) and ensure smooth compatibility.

    AWS bought Wholefoods as these guys know that they need to take a different approach rather than just selling servers/storage etc.

    The game is changing and the market is still in its embryo stage and i expect Google to be right up there.

    PS - I do not work for Google and i am not a Google fanboy!

  5. LeahroyNake

    Very cloudy

    Sooo you put all the data in the cloud then you want secure connections between the cloudy things. .. back to your office / users ?

    Am I missing a trick here or do you really just need on site servers with vpn or leased lines that you have more control over ?

    It's really not this hard.

    1. Adam 52 Silver badge

      Re: Very cloudy

      You've missed lots of tricks.

  6. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. happyBoy

      Re: Google Cloud is hopeless.

      How has your experience been with Oracle Cloud?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Google has some clear strengths and needs to catch up on some points. They have plenty of money and a growing base of customers.

    It sounds to me like they are an interesting new kid that has a decent chance and helps improve competition. AWS and Azure need more competition.

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