back to article Intel's €1bn EU antitrust appeal: What the heck is the AEC test?

The European Court of Justice's ping-ponging of Intel's billion-euro EU antitrust suit appeal might mark an evolution of rebate-based competition case law, legal eagles have said. The chipmaker's long-running battle to overturn the $1.06bn fine it received from the ECJ in 2009 - following allegations from rival AMD that it …

  1. Aitor 1 Silver badge


    The thing is ma y companies would not tale the amd chips even for free, while being faster than Intels if that is not enough...

  2. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    I also just wonder...

    I also randomly wonder if this is more stalling seeing as though Intel had AMD as its only (and still only) competitor in the desktop CPU market, and that it employed these tactics at a point when AMD was in a bit of a design slump so as to further push its advantage.

    Whatever the weather, it's good to see that AMD is now seemingly on a healthy recovery track with its very good Ryzen line of CPUs, and its ongoing GPU line.

    1. Fading

      Re: I also just wonder...

      The period was October 2002-December 2007 - the beginning of which was when the K8 x86-64 chips were released and outclassed much of what intel had to offer (Athlon 64 v Pentium 4 (32bit) ) .

      I had a laptop with an AMD 64 3000 and it was much better than my work desktop and friends P4 machines at the time.

      A certain company were offered free AMD chips but only took 160,000 as if they took any more they would have lost the intel "rebate" .

      1. P0l0nium

        Re: I also just wonder...

        Would you care to name that "certain company" and explain why they didn't offload the extra "free ones" on the grey market..??

        Or are you just another "fake news" bot who hates any entity more successful that you ??

        1. kain preacher

          Re: I also just wonder...

          The company was HP and the discount the were getting from Intel was so great just accepting the free chips would of wiped out any gains of dumping them on the grey market. This actually common knowledge .

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