back to article Arcserve left headless as CEO Mike Crest splits for pastures greener

Arcserve CEO Mike Crest has abruptly left the three-year-old CA Technologies spinout, leaving board chairman Dave Hansen holding the reins while the search for a new chief exec starts. Arcserve wants us to know Crest left on his own terms and is pursuing another growth opportunity, similar to when he led Arcserve's split from …

  1. Dwarf Silver badge

    If only they had a backup, then things would be lot simpler ...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ArcServe *shudder*

    The organisation I work for recently implemented ArcServe UDP. It's ****ing awful. The UI is a mess, and it's horribly slow... Apparently it was cheap... Why the **** we didn't use Veeam, I have no idea. We're nearly pure vSphere.

    We're doing D2D2T over a WAN link with compression + dedupe. Maybe this makes a difference. Perhaps somebody more knowledgeable could shed some light...

  3. lkeil

    Anonymous, sorry to hear of your less-than-amazing experience with Arcserve UDP. While most customers report satisfaction with our solutions, we do understand that issues can arise and would love the opportunity to make things right. Unfortunately, we have no way of contacting you so please feel free to call us anytime at (844) 765-7043, visit our support site, or submit a request for us to contact you directly.

    -Arcserve Team

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing to see here

    As a swimmer in the Arcserve Channel, I feel it's only fair that a true reflection of matters be offered in association with this article. Mike Crest has, without doubt, played a key role in the success of Arcserve and their UDP technology. But he hasn't achieved this alone and the people & skills within the Arcserve business coupled with the disruptive technology that UDP provides are integral to the ongoing success and growth that Arcserve, the partners and the ever-growing customer base benefit from.

    Mike leaves the company in a very healthy state, something that will undoubtedly court envious glances and comments from those that aren't in such a position. They'd give their right arm for a loyal channel, global brand, competent workforce, new customer wins with a reliable and flexible technology portfolio but VC money doesn't buy you that.

    There is plenty of talent within the Arcserve business that will mean this is merely a tiny bump in the road, a road littered with the un-repairable and abandoned competition.

    I rarely chip in on this sort of thing but felt that a balanced opinion should be offered.

  5. GortonSM

    Shocked !

    Well remember ARCserve ABENDing my Novell servers years ago - assumed company had also ABENDed years back. Shocked I say, shocked!

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