back to article Google ARCore brings augmented reality to relatively small audience

Google on Tuesday released a preview of its augmented reality toolkit, although the company acknowledged that only a small portion of Android's installed base will be able to use the software. ARCore is Google's answer to ARKit, Apple's software development kit for creating augmented reality (AR) applications. It's also the …

  1. Captain DaFt

    "With the success of Pokemon Go, Snapchat's World Lenses (AR filters for images), and SDKs from Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and now Google, he expects interest in AR will grow among consumers and developers."

    DaFt translation:

    "If we all keep flinging this crap at the wall, something's bound to stick eventually."

    Or... In a few months, they'll find some other crap to fling for awhile, and forget aalll about this for a dozen years or so.

    Just like last time.

    1. Dave 126

      You're making the mistake of judging a nascent platform by the applications currently available for it.

      There are countless applications for an environment-aware device beyond games and social media gimmicks, in areas ranging from engineering to music.

      Qualcomm and Apple will be releasing specialist AR silicon soon.

    2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Diamonds amongst the Gold

      Howdy, Captain DaFt,

      Not everything is worthy of such cynicism ...... for where there is muck there is money and that has always been a sure enough sign of value to markets players.

      Do you imagine Super Ventures would be into being responsible for augmenting virtual realisation of this sort of a program for future platforms delivering plans and supplying building materials ........

      Candidates will have excellent communication skills, with the ability to visually represent complex ideas and materials in a simple and engaging format, together with the experience of drafting impactful engagement collateral (such as workshop materials, papers, briefs and reports). ….

      I Submit this following Quantum Proposal for Global Virtual Realision. ….. …. It would appear to have all future bases and platforms covered and ready for fantastic review.

      Would its facility be of practical interest to the House of Windsor for AIdVentures. A Truly Sophisticated Program for SMARTR Populations ……. New Age Fellow Travellers?

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Well obviously the examples of Pokemon and Snapchat aren't great selling points for AR, but fart apps weren't exactly a great selling point for the App Store either. Somehow the concept of smartphone apps survived the crap flung at the wall stage and ended up being quite useful, so I wouldn't count out AR just because Pokemon is the best anyone has come up for it on phones so far.

  2. Dave 126


    Qualcomm have announced ISPs as part of their new Snapdragon platform for two and three camera AR capabilities, including a low-power active Infra Red part for real-time point clouds.

  3. Raphael

    I can see huge benefits for it in engineering applications.

    Lets say you're a council engineer needing to check where the various underground pipelines are running, pull up the AR app on your phone and it can overlay where all of them are (1).

    Or architects working with clients trying to visualize their new house. Pull out the phone and fire up the app and you can see that building and walk around it seeing how it will look onsite.

    footnote 1: requires accurate data.

  4. Nimby

    It's going to be interesting to see who takes the lead.

    In a race that has no winners. Or an audience.

    Just because there are theoretical niche uses for some new gee-wiz neato-keen shiny-shiny technology does not mean that it is in any way a money maker. Or that anyone more than 0.0001% of the potential market even care enough to make it a decision point when choosing Product A over Product B.

    Phones could all have 3D screens like the ones Nintendo used for it's handhelds and "revolutionized phone gaming"... if anyone had wanted it. Just like how every so often someone tries to sell a phone with built-in joystick/controller hardware. But no one wants it.

    Same thing here. Manufacturers, meet the almost absolute lack of interest that is your potential market. Pull your head out of your ARse and you'll see that you're the only one who came to your party. 'Tis a ghost town, my dear.

  5. NellyCh

    iOs 11

    Apple releases iOS 11 with Apple Kit in this year, the software that will use the technology of augmented amusement. Perhaps Apple will use this technology in other areas ( ). It would be interesting to see how they will use their new companies in the near future.

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