back to article Google, VMware and Pivotal team for on-premises Kubernetes

Google, VMware and Pivotal have teamed to let you run Kubernetes in the safety of your own data centre. The joint effort has seen Pivotal create the new Pivotal Container Service (with the acronym PKS, for some reason), a commercial cut of the open source Project Kubo that Google and Pivotal developed together to manage the …

  1. Steve Button Silver badge

    Could be useful.

    As people move workloads to the cloud, the tin that's left behind could be useful for non-prod environments and you've already paid for the hardware.

    1. klaxhu

      Re: Could be useful.

      That is the whole idea around the automation with devops - to get away from that very thing that blocks you from fast iteration and, ultimately, better software out quicker. People rarely move to the cloud to cut cost - it is actually proven to be the opposite for most things and testing is usually one of the first areas to move

      1. elip

        Re: Could be useful.

        I love how every cloud deployment I've been involved in, required more hand-holding and more custom automation development than on-prem (mostly to work around all of those things you've been accustomed to and taken for granted on-prem, that are simply *not available* or in *preview*, or wholly inadequate for "Enterprise needs" in the cloud).

        The other thing I also noticed, is the price shock that comes over VPs and Director-types when they compared Azure, for example, to running on-prem once we fully migrated to cloud.

        Thirdly, almost always (in my experience) DevOps/Sysadmins come away redeemed, once it turns out that this 'fast iteration and deployment' in the cloud, actually takes longer than in the standardized environments we've been running for decades on-prem. This is especially sweet, since there's always the bullshit line of "deploying OS, apps takes soooooo long" on-prem, and when you point out that, in fact, it takes 7 minutes to deploy hundreds of VMs and app stacks on-prem on existing KVM infrastructure (including full kickstart build; because you actually can and do track these metrics easily), and it sometimes takes 30-50 seconds just for a single cloud API call to return to the automation framework (which now somebody has to maintain), you get that "oh...<lets switch topics>" response almost every time.

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