New version of OpenVMS (on Alpha)

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    New version of OpenVMS (on Alpha)

    Greetings everyone! My name is Sue Skonetski and I work for VMS Software Inc. (VSI). I did work for DEC, Compaq and HP in the VMS Engineering group. And I must say I have the best job in the world, And that is because I get to work with VMS people all over the world.

    The reason for this post is several fold. The first and foremost is to let you know that VMS is in safe hands. We have hired many of the engineers that worked on VMS a few from the very beginning of VMS (v.05) some that worked on the port from VAX to Alpha and the majority that worked on the Alpha to Integrity port. VSI came into business on July 2014, since then we have release 5 versions of VMS, three on Integrity servers and 2 on Alpha. We are actively working on a port to X86. All versions of the VMS Operating System have retained the qualities VMS is known for (Security, Availability, Reliability) which includes VMS clustering, volume shadowing and more. For additional information or calls wth any member of the executive team, you are welcome to send me email at susan.skonetski please remove the spaces between my name and the email. And of course the website has great information.

    If I had to compare VMS Software to DEC, Compaq or HP I would pick DEC (Ken Olsen's DEC). Very much a customer oriented company with a "Do the right thing" mentally.

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