back to article Gather round, kids, and let's try to understand the science of 3D NAND

The world of flash is moving to 3D NAND, chips with 36, 48, 72 or 64 layers of flash cells, and 96-layer chips being prototyped. How has it developed from 2D NAND? To say 2D or planar NAND is a single layer of flash cells is true, as is saying that 3D NAND is layered, but 3D NAND is not actually manufactured from layers of 2D …

  1. Anonymous Custard Silver badge
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    An interesting read...

    Any chance that reference articles like this could be made available in a downloadable pdf format? Rather than having to try and bookmark or download the page for future reference, which never works well when there's so much dynamic content (ads etc) on the thing too?

    1. David Lawton

      Re: Useful

      Just press the 'Reader view' button in Safari and you get it in A4 Page reading format for saving :)

      1. FrankAlphaXII

        Re: Useful

        You can do the same in Firefox and I believe also in Edge.

        No idea about chrome.

  2. Mage


    Save web page complete (in Reader view, various browsers), or copy / paste body to Word/LibreOffice Writer.

    Make saved HTML, doc, Odt etc into epub/mobi for eReader or eReader app using Calibre.

    PDFs are ghastly things, designed really to see paper documents on screen.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's magic. Gotcha.

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