back to article Vital fair use copyright defense lands – thanks to warring YouTubers

The fair use of copyrighted video content has been upheld in an important legal battle in America between two YouTubers. Ethan and Hila Klein were sued last year by Matt Hosseinzadeh over a video in which they mocked his "Bold Guy" persona and his "Cringe-tube" videos where he wins over attractive one-dimensional women by …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Some people need to inflate their ego

    After reading this article my first reaction was simple: "Meh, one youtuber mocking and making fun of another. Of course that's going to piss some people off...". Then I actually watched the re-uploaded video and... As said: some people really should put some work into keeping their ego in check I think.

    I mean.. they weren't negative, they weren't mocking the guy or his video or anything, but merely commented. It's the golden rule of the Internet: if you don't like people commenting on the stuff you do or share then maybe not comment and share in the first place.

    1. andreas koch

      Re: Some people need to inflate their ego

      Clippy says: "Did you mean 'deflate' and 'do' instead of 'inflate' and 'comment'?


      Apart from that: Ethan & Hila should be entitled to a share of his revenue, they not only got him extra publicity, at the end they even encourage people to check out his other stuff.

      This is somehow like the producer of 'Manos' complaining about turning up in MST3k.


      Business idea:

      1. Make crap video

      2. Have someone else (secretly part of this) diss it badly

      3. Sue, countersue and get lots of publicity and more click revenue

      4. Split profit 3-way between the two parties and the lawyers.


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Life can't be all bad in the US of A

    If they have the time to fight over piddly things like this it suggests the bigger priorities in life are apparently addressed.

  3. ElReg!comments!Pierre

    litterally unwatchable

    I tried to look at the video linked in the article, I tried hard but could not go past the 50 s mark. all the other vids I tried from the guy, I stopped after max 10 s. This is horrendously tedious. It looks like it has been refused by prawn channels because of poor dialog and story.

    1. Wayland Bronze badge

      Re: litterally unwatchable

      You've been spoiled by high quality mainstream TV output.

      I found the video amusing and entertaining. Yes it was cheesy but that's half the fun.

      I'm glad he lost the case though. The other part of YouTube is responding to videos with videos.

    2. Archtech Silver badge

      Re: litterally unwatchable

      Do you mean "litterally"? Or did you unthinkingly use it to mean "figgurativelly"?

      1. ElReg!comments!Pierre

        Re: litterally unwatchable

        Your "g" and "l" keys seem to stick a bit ; given how I was not able to bear it for even one full minute, I did mean litterally, but thank you for your help.

  4. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    Sounds like a landmark verdict about some extremely important footage...

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