back to article Logitech's security cams allegedly suck so bad, this US bloke is suing it

Logitech has been sued in America for allegedly selling defective security cameras and then refusing to service or replace the gear. A class-action complaint [PDF] filed Tuesday in an Illinois district court by named plaintiff James Anderson claims that Logitech's "Alert Systems" home security cameras were prone to …

  1. Youngone Silver badge

    Security Camera Blues

    Are there any really good security cameras out there?

    I have used various different ones over the years, including Logitech and almost without exception they have been poorly supported rubbish, even the expensive ones.

    1. OldCrow

      Re: Security Camera Blues


      I've heard good things about this one called "Raspberry Pi". An odd name, but apparently has a good HD camera, and a variety of software packages to choose from. And it's still being manufactured, too, with version 3 apparently now out. So you should be able to get software updates for it for some time.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Security Camera Blues

      Define expensive?

      Our work ones are several thousand pounds each. But the again you can see what someone is reading from 200m away.

    3. Sandtitz Silver badge

      Re: Security Camera Blues

      "Are there any really good security cameras out there?"

      Axis is Good. Mobotix also had good cameras, but I haven't dabbled with them for several years so things may have changed.

      Logitech may be fine for webcams and for hobbyists. Logitech security cams? GTFO!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Security Camera Blues

        Axis seconded even though it's a royal PITA to get the GPLed sources from them...

        Really, really good optics. Lightfinder means you have color even in near-total darkness.

        And you can not only install pre-packaged applications (like video analysis) but also build and install your own stuff (they supply a SDK) AND get a real shell with ssh.

        Probably too expensive for someone seriously considering Logitech, though...

        Hikvision is pretty darn good in the lower price range.

    4. Lord Elpuss Silver badge

      Re: Security Camera Blues

      None are brilliant, but iZon from Stem Innovation seem to be ok. I bought 2 for testing and now use them to watch the garden and shed. They had a security SNAFU a couple of years back, but it was patched and they haven't been in the news since. They're getting a bit long in the tooth now though.

      If you're going down the off-the-shelf route for these cameras (as opposed to build your own), the best bet is to use one with open firmware (no phoning home) and WPS support, then put them on a separate VLAN partitioned off with an access control list. After that you don't have to worry too much about security holes in the camera itself. But I'm not an infosec expert so maybe others here have better ideas.

  2. Anonymous South African Coward Bronze badge

    More instances of IoTL* coming soon?

    *Internet of Things Lawsuits.

    1. Scroticus Canis

      More instances of IoTL* coming soon?

      More instances of IoSL* coming soon?

      *Internet of Things Shit Lawsuits.

      FTFY boet.

  3. James 51

    So, how many of these lawsuits will it take for manufactures to get their act together?

    1. Gnosis_Carmot


      Enough for the lawyers to get rich while the people who bought the defective stuff get coupons to buy more stuff from the manufacturer.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Logitech?? What could go wrong?

    For years one of my sons has been buying consumer Logitech keyboards and mice. They last only a short while before either the keys, the connectors, or the firmware goes. Quality is barely sufficient for the product to work out of the box. Any real-world use quickly destroys the products. So he goes out and buys more ... and over ... and over, again.

    ... and then Logitech is selling Security Cameras? That's a product which must never, ever break down. With Logitech quality, what could possibly go wrong?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Logitech?? What could go wrong?

      Logitech is basically "Fast Food Tech", so don't expect to always get your moneys worth and don't buy anything you're not prepared to just throw away and forget about if it doesn't taste right.

    2. Alan Brown Silver badge

      Re: Logitech?? What could go wrong?

      "They last only a short while before either the keys, the connectors, or the firmware goes"

      I bought a few logitech keyboards for $orkplace. After a week of using one, my fingers hurt.

      We got rid of them and bought nice cherry G83s instead. I'm happy.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Logitech web cams have been pants forever

    My experience with Logitech Webcams has warned me off of ever trusting their security products.

    I once bought a Logitech webcam that prominently stated on the specs and packaging that it provided 640x480 resolution; imagine my surprise when I discovered that 1) images streamed from the camera to (any) third-party software were only 320x200 at most, and 2) the "640x480" images in the Logitech viewer application were generated by upsampling the 320x200 images from the camera.

    After some argument, I eventually got Logitech tech support to admit that the camera wasn't streaming at the claimed resolution, but I was still stuck with a crap camera. A year or so later, they changed their packaging to less prominently make the false claim, but the camera was still the same crap.

    Security hardware from these jokers? Excuse me while I put down my coffee mug before laughing uncontrollably.

    Posting as anon because who knows what evil lurks in the hearts (or, more likely, the empty heart-shaped spaces) of corporations?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    glad to hear

    I used to buy Labtec equipment, but Logitech bought them to kill the competition (made the aviation grade headphones into junk). Yep they have bottom end products, crap service and should be punished. The only saving grace they ever had was making decent gaming mice back in the day. These days not so much.

    I hope they pay through the nose and have to refund to everyone that ever bought the product. Cheep I can understand, lying to customers is not acceptable.

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