back to article Speaking in Tech: I am Wink,, do you dig my smart home jam?

speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise This week Peter Smallbone steers the ship joined by Amy Lewis and Eddie Saipetch with special guest Hal Rottenberg from Splunk. This week the nerdcast focuses on the Internet of Things, both consumer and business. The details... (0:00) Smoke alarms and this old house (11 …


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  1. Adam 1

    Not sure who is writing/doodling on their papers during the recording but it is quite noticeable (eg 44 minutes in). Unless it's Greg trying to get out the boot/trunk.

  2. Enno

    The thing I find amusing is that they talk about the woeful security of IoT devices (no or poor encryption/authentication/protection against snooping, lousy air interfaces, etc) and then with no sense of irony talk about Amazon Alexa, Apple's Siri and whatever phony name Google's device was christened with with no discussion of how these things are shipping audio from your home (or God forbid bedroom) to their cloud and have carte blanche to buy, sell with your money, transact with devices in your home and so on.

    I still maintain it's not IoT but IoopS - Internet of other poeple's Stuff.

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