back to article Microsoft rolls its own hyperconverged appliance program

Microsoft's revealed it's signed up several server vendors to make hyperconverged appliances running Windows Server natively. Hyperconverged appliances have, to date, nearly always been about giving vSphere a nice place to live. But plenty of those who use vSphere in any environment do it to run Windows Server. Which is a …

  1. bombastic bob Silver badge
    Big Brother

    I think they're just hedging their bets

    I think they're just hedging their bets, trying to cover all possible angles with a "Microsoft solution" or something similar, even if it doesn't really sell very well [or earns less than Azure].

    It's what you do when you're trying to take over the world. You want your fingers in EVERYTHING.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I think they're just hedging their bets

      ""I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.""

      What he missed, is he should of said is maybe five computer companies

      Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple and TBA

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I think they're just hedging their bets

        Is apple really a computer company these days?

        Given than Dell Technologies has a 51% stake in VMware, had a good storage business and good commodity x86 line+clients, I'd say Dell Technologies is one of them, especially as HPE are manageming themselves out of existence and IBM are becoming more and more niche and everybody hates Oracle

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I think they're just hedging their bets

      "let's not forget that Hyper-V has been more-or-less free for years, yet VMware kept the majority of the virtualization and hyperconverged infrastructure markets"

      Only just though. Hyper-v is only a few percent behind...

      1. GeoSim

        Re: I think they're just hedging their bets

        And no-one is pointing that Hyper-V has climbed the stairs very fast since it's first release, it has down-throned other players and became #2 because of its features and not just marketing.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bad news for Nutanix

    Why would I pay $$$$ to Nutanix when I can get it for free from MSFT?

    1. GeoSim

      Re: Bad news for Nutanix

      Because Nutanix supports more hardware and different hypervisors from Microsoft at the moment.

      I'm not endorsing Nutanix in any way but from what I know for Azure Stack it is very strict in hardware terms, that means that there is no pick,mix and match when designing the HCI solution.

      We are used in Microsoft supporting a broad range of hardware [but always miss the HCL point ;-)], but in this case they want to be extra sure that their solution is not exploding at their client's face in any way and to be frank they are correct doing so.

      Azure stack is tempting, we need more info though and also we yet need to see in action how it compares with other well established players in HCI software.

      Just my 2 cents :-)

  3. Terafirma-NZ

    Hyper-V not the issue

    The reason VMware still holds king is not because Hyper-V is somehow not up to par or ESXi being better. It simply comes down to System Center VMM being such a bad product.

    I know people use it and some probably love it but try as I have I just cannot get it to be stable, reliable and simple to use. Now we are getting Azure Stack not holding my breath for anything to come and replace or fix it.

    VMworld is right around the corner and here is to hoping they integrate their products into something that can compete with Azure Stack and make things interesting again.

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