1. TDog



    "Salvia Tree

    Rip of off H.P.Lovecraft (the color [American sp] out of space) but titled Saliva...

    Oh well, at least he got an obit.

    No tongues; I don't want to swap salvia with you!

    Nor is glossolalia acceptable."

    So why was this rejected? No name, no statement other than "The thought police didn't like it" (by inference. Well I have no clue. But I am a regular (if only occasional commentator here) and as such am committed to the general weal of the community.

    So if the courageous little shit who had no desire nor ability to do other than press the "CENSORED" stamp would care to explain him or herself or itself then I shall listen. Might even make sense, in which case I may agree. Otherwise could I suggest that he, she, or it (and if I have missed anyone other than the shit out I do apologise) considers a career in OGPU, NKVD, the Spanish Inquisition (which no-one expects) or the Vatican (excluding all honest workers in all of these organisations).

    If not - then as a Polish Jew said in Katyn -

    "Kish Mein Touchess"

    Simon (TDOG)

    and if you are too ashamed to talk publically then you can contact me at 9876@aard.co.uk

    "Tak wrote the world, according to the dwarfs, but unlike most gods he does not require that the dwarfs think of him, merely that they do think."

    Sir Terry.

    1. TDog
      Paris Hilton

      Re: Rejected

      oh and just in case I missed the joke:


      but it still doesn't seem like grounds for censorship (unless you were under the influence)

    2. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Rejected

      Couple of observations, my dear fellow:

      1. Your comment pointed out a typo in the article. Our standard operating procedure when we see corrections in comments is to fix the typo and reject the comment - because the comment is unlikely to make any sense after the tweak is made. You should email corrections@theregister.co.uk so problems can be addressed ASAP. We don't have time to read every comment but we do like to correct all errors.

      2. You need to, as we say in California, chill out.


      1. jake Silver badge

        Re: Rejected

        That's spleled "Chill out, dude".

        Just sayin' ;-)

      2. TDog

        Re: Rejected

        Not an issue mate (as we say in England).

        Been nicer if it had said thanks, rather than rejected.


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