back to article Tegile arrays tire of SAS backplane, cosy up to hunky newcomer NVMe

Tegile is moving on from SAS backplanes and has developed an N-Series array product line with NVMe flash drives. This product is said to be capable of delivering up to 3 million IOPS with consistent 200 microsecond latency. Tegile says that, with the N-Series, businesses can consolidate transaction processing, analytics, …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Have they given Chris a free array or something?

    Do a search for "Tegile" on the Reg is its pretty much only Chris that writes about them. And it's all amazing press-release level positivity and rainbows.

    Considering that they have binned most of their team in the UK, are looking in poor health compared their rivals over the last couple of years (Tintri, Pure, Nimble) both in deployment figures and commercial numbers, and that in the VAR space they are generally considered to be a few quarters away from being absorbed by Western Digital (Disclaimer - Rumour), I'm amazed that the usually balanced articles from Chris have a tinge of "Officially endorsed by Mellor!" about them :-/

    (Anon because I work for a VAR (no, not a storage vendor) - Yes, we've sold the kit and Customers have been happy. Shame it didn't work out the way of Pure / Nimble, but the business practices we encountered left a lot to be desired)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Have they given Chris a free array or something?

      "binned most of their team in the UK", is old old news, was several years ago. Why re-spout FUD if you're not a competitor? Don't regurgitate fake news!

      1. SniperPenguin

        Re: Have they given Chris a free array or something?

        1. It's not FUD, I watched it happen this year. Also, I did not specify a timeline - I was referring to a series of events (of which you have picked on one). I could have also mentioned their marketing dept re-tweeting install photos from 2016, but I didnt think I needed to go that far.

        2. I'm not a competitor - As I said, I work for a VAR.

        3. Western Digital have proved me right:

        I explained why I was posting Anon - care to elaborate why you are?

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