back to article China's cyber court opens for business; a gavel-free zone?

China has just opened a new court that will solely deal with internet-related cases. Based in Hangzhou – where many large Chinese internet companies are located – the Net Court (Hangzhou Internet Court) will hear cases covering everything from domain names to ecommerce disputes to online defamation. The court accepts …

  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    a gavel-free zone?

    Gavels may be used in US courts. In the UK it's auctioneers that use them. Interesting comparison.

  2. Snowy Silver badge

    Just free zone?

    [quote]The UK has also experimented with allowing fines for fare dodging and traffic penalties to be done online. In those cases, defendants can log into the system, see the penalty, and then decide whether to accept it and pay it, or dispute it. ®[/quote]

    Going down the american path of pleading guilt and paying the fine due to if you dispute it the fine is massively bigger?

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