back to article Who wants multiple virtual workstations on a GPU in a blade server?

NVIDIA's cranked up the virtual workstation caper by giving the world a new GPU that slots into blade servers, plus software to let it run multiple workstation-grade VMs. The new GPU is the TESLA P6 and uses NVIDIA's Pascal architecture, the company's current flagship. The P6 has 2,048 CUDA cores, 16 GB of memory and uses the …

  1. FIA

    Thin clients seem to be like Linux on the desktop, never quite as good as they're made out to be, but nevertheless people keep on trying.

    I wonder how happy those 10K engineers are about it?

    1. HPCJohn

      FIA, I can say that Teradici PCOIP thin clients (zero clients in their parlance) are pretty damn good.

      They are used by automotive engineers.

      Also sold to the military, but I've never been able to find out exactly what they are used for!

      1. Korev Silver badge

        Do the Teradici systems still take up a lot of bandwidth?

        1. HPCJohn

          Korev, what do you mean by a 'lot'?

          They are perfectly usable in normal office networks and don;t consume a huge bandwith

          On a WAN link you can easily set up limits on the bandwidth they will use.

          1. Korev Silver badge

            I'd heard that they can take as much a gigabit which sounds rather high (hence me asking).

  2. HPCJohn

    Well worth a plug for an excellent British company which manufactures thin clients.

    Good bunch of keys, and great products.

    FIA, go to the Amulet offices and get a demo of their gaming rig with dual high def monitors, playing a game of your choice via a thin client and tell me that they are rubbish.

    1. jmbn

      Thanks John, very kind of you! I literally stumbled across this while looking for news on the P6, as we're building a P6 card for the Dell blade). Always happy to give tech demos!

      In response to one of the other comments about bandwidth; surround gaming across PCoIP (three monitors running at a combined 5760x1080 @ 60Hz) can can use close to 800Mbps. But of course this isn't exactly an every day use case!

  3. FIA

    FIA, go to the Amulet offices and get a demo of their gaming rig with dual high def monitors, playing a game of your choice via a thin client and tell me that they are rubbish.

    I'd be more interested in a demo of a plurality of people doing real work simultaneously with a performance level similar to discreet workstations, without suffering performance losses yet still seeing cost advantages.

    Also, I'm not saying they are rubbish, I'm saying often these systems don't live up to usability expectations, as they're used to cost save rather than to facilitate remote working situations that would otherwise be unfeasible.

    Maybe it's just down to experience, use cases that justify multiple high def monitors probably aren't driven by cost factors, whereas most of the use cases I've seen were; usually leading to a much degraded user experience as a result.

    1. HPCJohn

      FIA I have implemented Teradici thin clients for engineers doing real work. They were very happy with them.

      Teradici can be used with a physical host card which gives you a one to one connection with a high performance workstation. Not a shared virtual desktop.

  4. Starace


    Are they going to continue their nasty new habit of charging you a fortune for a specialised bit of kit with only one purpose, then charging you again for a licence to actually use it?

    1. Aitor 1 Silver badge

      Re: Licensing

      That is the problem, the licenses.

      I just dont see the point of paying more for less.

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