back to article Heavy sleeper? Put your god-given talent to work and raise some cash

If you always sleep like a log, we’ve got just the thing for you - do some good by spending the night roughing it on the streets with a bunch of your industry compatriots in October, and raise a bunch of cash for vulnerable children into the bargain. Why would we want to force our loyal readers onto the streets? Because The …

  1. Oliver Reed

    Unfortunately I suffer from insomnia . . .

    . . . but on the upside, only 3 sleeps until Christmas

    1. Pen-y-gors

      Re: Unfortunately I suffer from insomnia . . .

      (c) Robert Garnham in The Grauniad 10 best jokes from the Fringe, 15/8/2017

      Lobachevsky is watching over us all....

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You don't need ground sheets, cardboard is the perfect rough sleeping mattress. You only make the mistake of sleeping on concrete in the cold once.

    1. Pen-y-gors

      Can people bring their own self-inflating alpine mats and 4-seasons down sleeping bag?

  3. Pen-y-gors

    Cash bar?

    Offering a wide range of drinks including Thunderbird, Buckfast, Meths, British Sherry and metal polish

    [Just kidding - remember this is El Reg - taking the piss out of everything and everyone since 1863. Good luck to everyone participating in this very worthy cause, and a bottle of Bucky will make sure you sleep like a log]

  4. Pen-y-gors
    Thumb Up

    Just Giving?

    This is a good thing, but for many of us living in the deep sticks sleeping out locally would be a bit silly. We'd call it camping. Most of the streets in my village don't even have a pavement or doorways. I suppose I could huddle up to a sheep in a field (no....don't go there....)

    But, for those of us who live life in a rural paradise, and know we are lucky and would like to support the less fortunate in our society, could some commentards who are planning to do this perhaps set up a Just Giving account so that we can support the team (so long as we can pay in potatoes and mud)?

    1. leftwing47
      Thumb Up

      Re: Just Giving?

      Thanks for the suggestion - happy to oblige for those of you so minded. Not sure about the spuds 'n mud option, but you can try at:

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