back to article Major Oracle E-business suite upgrade coming in 2019. Or maybe 2020

Oracle is working on a big upgrade to its e-business suite in 2019. Or maybe 2020. That's what senior veep for application development Cliff Godwin told the Red Rock Oracle Leadership Forum* in Sydney, Australia, today. The suite is currently on version 12.2.6 and Godwin said Oracle plans just-about-annual double-point …

  1. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    How very nice...

    “if you are contemplating moving to cloud, do it for merits of the business not because you are afraid the suite is going to expire out from under you.”

    It's a shame then that that view has not been passed down to their Customer account managers, Service delivery managers and Salespeople. Every bloody account review I have to sit through with them they are constantly bleeting on about how we should move our EBS installation to the cloud even though I keep reminding them that both the Oracle public cloud, and the specific EBS cloud application services are not yet fit for critical business purposes.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: How very nice...

      All you need to know is that Oracle sales droids are comped primarily on their cloud sales now. Even if they make or exceed their number with on-prem sales, they don't get paid (or get paid a fraction of the expected comp) unless they also hit their cloud target.

      It's a complete clusterfuck and unsustainable. Every Oracle sales person who ever gets engaged with any client immediately ignores whatever has preceded and suggests a move to the cloud - even when the client is a government agency specifically precluded from doing that and the cloud apps don't meet 3 of the 4 basic requirements.

      We are now making concrete plans to strip out all Oracle middleware products from our solutions and replace them with open source. We probably should have done it a couple of years ago but they do actually work well. We just can't have a business relationship with Oracle any more - their sales people are even less educated than they have ever been and the product support and development has essentially been stopped in favor of "cloud apps" that have 20% of the functionality of the on-prem applications.

      It's sad - and I say that as a former Oracle employee

  2. Do Not Fold Spindle Mutilate

    Headline should be Oracle admits "expensive licences have no new functionality for on prem"

    Godwin could not say what was in the future releases because he does not know what will be in them. So the headline is completely wrong. The correct headline could be "Major Fear Uncertainty and Doubt for 2019 or 2020 or when the world comes to an end." or "Customers burn money for licenses while Larry fiddles with point releases." or "No News, Read Ads, Keep Moving On."

    1. ssharwood

      Re: Headline should be Oracle admits "expensive licences have no new functionality for on prem"

      IMHO plenty of readers found that between the lines ...

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