back to article Nimbus Data becomes OEM supplier of high-capacity SSD tech

Surprise, surprise: Nimbus Data is supplying 50TB flash drive tech to SSD OEMs like Viking and SMART Modular Technologies. Nimbus Data went through an interesting period of dissatisfied customers and lawsuits for its flash arrays, and contracted in size before moving from San Francisco to the Los Angeles area in January last …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Ok, I'll ask the inevitable

    How many arms and legs is a 50Tb SSD going to cost me?

    1. John Robson Silver badge

      Re: Ok, I'll ask the inevitable

      50 TB SSD would be nice, but for the average home user it doesn't need the stupendous IOPs or sequential data rates which are normally associated with large SSDs.

      I'd pick up a couple of slow 10TB SSDs without too much fuss if they were vaguely price competitive (including power costs - 1W is worth about £1/year, and I expect disks to last quite a few years most of mine are 10 or so)

  2. The 13th Duke of Wybourne

    The question you should be asking is ....

    What's the lead time? Cos if past experiences are anything to go by, you be waiting a very long time before you can use an array built on this technology.

    1. nimbusdata

      Re: The question you should be asking is ....

      Viking Technology and SMART Modular Technologies are now shipping their ExaDrive-powered SSDs to customers. Please contact Viking and SMART Modular to learn more.

      UHC-Silo from Viking Technology:

      Osmium from SMART Modular Technologies:

      Also, prospective partners and customers can touch/see/demo/test ExaDrive at Nimbus Data's Innovation Center in Irvine, California.

  3. nimbusdata

    Nimbus Data's Innovation Center

    Nimbus Data's ExaDrive technology is supported at our all-new Innovation Center, located at the University of California's Research Park in Irvine, California, just a few minutes from the warm sands of Newport Beach, California.

    You can see pictures at our Facebook page:

    Or if you prefer, our LinkedIn page:

    Of course, this is in addition to the proven quality and logistics expertise of Viking Technology and SMART Modular Technologies, both critical suppliers to major OEMs who have validated and are currently shipping ExaDrive-powered SSDs. And let's not forget Demartek's independent ISO-certified lab validation of ExaDrive technology, which is quoted in our press release here:


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