back to article Toshiba invests $1.76bn in flash fab production line, WD kinda peeved

Toshiba and Western Digital Corp negotiating makes for bizarre viewing. Billions of dollars are at stake, goodwill is laughably absent and one of the world's best flash production partnerships could be headed down the toilet. Rehash the background here or accept the summary that Tosh needs billions in cash and wants to sell …

  1. Flakk

    I Am Really Confused

    If Toshiba is teetering on the brink of insolvency, where the heck did it find $1.76bn?

    1. Iain Griffiths

      Re: I Am Really Confused

      Its a case of there's loads of money slushing about - just the numbers on the accounts are fecked.

      Used to work for their now completely fecked computer division.

      Somewhat the times and hubris caused that, but it seems incumbent in the whole company - total whirlpool of insular thinking,

      The number of times they were 6 months behind the curve and then gave up - well I'd have about £6.50.

      But the number of times they were ahead but didn't recognise it, gave up then went back and built something worse - that's probably another fiver.

      1. Graham Cunningham

        Sorry also confused...

        Is that: "(If I had a penny for) the number of times they were 6 months behind...." ?

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