back to article Symantec offloads its certs and web security biz to DigiCert

Symantec sold its Website Security and related PKI solutions to DigiCert, effectively making its spat with Mozilla and Google someone else's problem. Google had problems with the way Symantec handles certificates since 2015 and their dispute flared anew early this year after a Symantec partner issued dodgy certs. Google …

  1. Amos1

    Another screw-up by acquisition

    2010: Symantec buys Verisign's PKI business for $1.28 billion. Symantec removes the "Secured by Verisign" logo to, OMG, "Secured by Norton" because no consumer has ever had their computer slow to a crawl due to the Norton AV bloatware.

    2017: Symantec sells the business for $950 million when it had a yearly revenue of $350 million.Their 34th CEO in the last two years is happy.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Another screw-up by acquisition

      Makes sense to sell as now free certs are gathering pace.

  2. J. Cook Silver badge

    The real question here is...

    ... will customers of DigiCert have a problem with this? Some of us don't exactly have a good relationship with Symantec...

  3. DerekCurrie

    Symantec In Its Death Throws...

    ... we hope. I've never known Symantec to be other than a miserable company, well worth ignoring. Sell off the pieces and bring peace to our world.

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