back to article She's back! Jessica Rosenworcel returns to FCC as America's net neutrality row heats up

America's broadband watchdog, the FCC, is finally back to its full complement of five commissioners following the confirmations of Brendan Carr and Jessica Rosenworcel by the US Senate. The federal regulator, which is caught up in a controversial battle to get rid of net neutrality rules that it approved only a few years ago, …

  1. Someone Else Silver badge

    Who's to say we will have to wait until 2020?

    If the Senate can ball up Pai's confirmation to 2018, and trends hold that the party out of power makes gains in both houses, then it is possible that the Senate (and the House..the prophets be praised) will turn Democratic, and at that point...who knows what will happen?

    1. foxyshadis

      Re: Who's to say we will have to wait until 2020?

      That's all anyone needs, a continuation of using the FCC as a proxy war for Congressional power. The only losers in this war is everyone.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Who's to say we will have to wait until 2020?

      Tradition is that the FCC is 3-2 for the party that holds the White House. Who holds the Senate makes no difference. Yeah theoretically democrats could hold up Pai's nomination if they had a majority, but surely they will have bigger fish to fry than worrying about the FCC.

      At any rate, democrats taking the Senate in 2018 is unlikely even if there's a big anti-Trump wave, because of how many democrats are up for re-election versus how many republicans. They are far more likely to take back the House than they are the Senate.

      1. Swarthy

        Re: Who's to say we will have to wait until 2020?

        Add to that the slow implosion of the democrat party, and the not-so-slow alienation of nearly everyone by the republicans, and 2018 should be interesting.

        1. Eddy Ito

          Re: Who's to say we will have to wait until 2020?

          Interesting indeed as it seems that desperation has driven the blue team to saw off a rather primary plank from their platform in an effort to get into the good graces of the bible belt. Of course that just evens the field a bit since even true blue Massachusetts has a governor from the red team.

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward


          In theory with the Sanders/Clinton split in the democratic party, and the giant fissure Trump is in the process of creating/expanding in the republican party, there would be room for more. It would be great if they both let themselves split and we had four parties.

          Unfortunately the entire system in the US is rigged against that happening, and the fear of a split while the other side doesn't mostly forces them to kiss and make up when it comes time to cast a vote.

          The 2018 party primaries may be "interesting", but the elections themselves probably mostly won't be. The risk for the republicans is if they primary sitting congressmen and senators who the hard right feels are unreliable RINOs and replace them with someone independent voters can't accept, and they give up seats unnecessarily as a result. The democrats may be on their way towards the same sort of thing, but haven't quite reached that point yet.

      2. Mike 16 Silver badge

        Re: Who's to say we will have to wait until 2020?

        Winning a Senate seat is about state-level politics. Believe it or not some residents of "Red" states like Kale and don't want to queue up for DNA testing before peeing, so it is _possible_ for a senate seat to flip. In the house, most districts are so ruthlessly gerrymandered that unseating the incumbent would require and act of congress, if not an act of God. Oh, and the gerrymandering preserves the majority in the state legislature too, so will continue, as most states leave redistricting to to those already in power.

        As Fred Brooks says: "There is no Silver Bullet".

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