back to article 3D Robotics open-sources its Solo drone control software

3D Robotics, the American drone company, has thrown open the codebase for its Solo software, in a move interpreted by some as its latest acknowledgement of Chinese rival DJI's dominance. Solo, as 3DR's blog post on the matter makes clear, is "based on the open source ArduPilot software" launched by Chris Anderson (a one-time …

  1. Andy 73

    Very little value

    Since most of the competitors have similar features, and many are releasing open SDKs this year, there can't be that much commercial value in OpenSolo, and not much technical value. As a good will gesture, it keeps them in the news, but the proprietary stuff in SiteScan is where the real value lies.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Very little value

      There'll be some comical value when a member of the chinese Han people forks the software and releases it as HanSolo...

  2. P13DM

    Smart Shots still better than API controlled moves

    Actually Solo to this day has better Smart Shots than competing drones as the shots are excuted drone side on its companion computer so you don't have the latency of API interaction from a GCS.

    With ArduCopter master you can now add RTK GPS unlike any other RTF drone on the market at the moment which is handy for those that wish to do precise mapping.

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