back to article KA-SHING! Three's daddy Hutchison flogs telecom unit for £1.4bn

UK mobile operator Three's Hong Kong-based parent company Hutchison is to flog off its fixed-line phone business for HK$14.5bn (£1.4bn). Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong's richest man and owner of Hutchison, will sell Hutchison Global Communication to US-based, infrastructure-focused private equity firm I Squared Capital. Gautam …

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  2. PhilipN Silver badge

    Second son.

    Richard. Big brother is Victor.

    Owner of ..? Hutchison is a listed company behind which there is the usual network of public and private holdings by reason of some of which Mr. Li is supposed to have control.

    WSJ - The news of Li stepping down was recanted almost the next day.

    Tch! Tch!

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