back to article End of the road for Basho: Court puts biz into receivership

Basho, the outfit that developed the Riak distributed database, has been put into receivership after it stopped paying the bills to its main creditors. Earlier this month, The Reg revealed the extent of the company’s troubles, with offices shuttering around the world and swathes of staff being laid off. It was clear then that …

  1. BearishTendencies

    NHS Spine II.....

    Isn't that on Riak? Might cause an issue or two.....

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    NHS Spine II.... Isn't that on Riak?

    Isn't that the point of FOSS?

    Take a copy of the source code.

    The company dies, the app (and the systems built on top of it) live on. As others have noticed the NHS as a whole is quite large enough to support a health care Linux distro and Moorefields eye hospital already has a baseline FOSS EMR system which could be extended to other specialties.

    Sounds like the VC wanted to run the company into the ground so they could get it sold ASAP and cash out.

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