back to article Australia cyber minister wants Asia to define new global laws of digi-war

Dan Tehan, Australia's minister assisting the prime minister for Cyber Security, says south-east Asian nations are beginning to discuss a joint regional approach to best practise cyber-security, and perhaps even also a new set of rules of engagement for online conflict. Tehan yesterday delivered a keynote address to the RSA …

  1. jake Silver badge

    I think you're deluded about the concept, Dan.

    But then, I think most of the Oz .gov is similarly deluded.

    As are the .govs of the rest of the Five Eyes signatories ...

    1. m0rt

      Re: I think you're deluded about the concept, Dan.

      Or another way to put it - If they tell their citizens one thing and do another, why should the rules of engagement be kept to.?

  2. julian.smith

    Good luck

    Another member of a completely clueless political class.

    Ask the US government how they went when they wanted Apple to break their encryption.

    Ask Malcolm the Clueless how the repeal of the Laws of Mathematics is going.

    Ask George Metadata to define the difference between his arse and a hole in the ground


  3. rtb61

    The Australian government should STFU with it's POS NBN, it has no right to speak any where what so ever about anything to do with networks. Why the fuck should anyone listen to the clown in the rooms opinion about anything.

  4. LaeMing


    That term gives me a mind image of Futurama's hedonism bot - but less useful, and in grey instead of gold.

  5. Oengus


    “comes from the fundamental premise that every government has an absolute obligation to do everything it can to keep its citizens safe”

    I thought the fundamental premise of every Australian government was to promise to do exactly what the "lowest common denominator" of Joe Public say they want so they can get reelected (never delivering on any of the promises of course).

    1. LaeMing

      Re: Really

      And make behind-closed-doors deals in favour of big faceless multinational conglomerates. Don't forget that!

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