back to article Details of 400,000 loan applicants spilled in UniCredit bank breach

Italian bank UniCredit admitted on Wednesday that a series of breaches, undetected for nearly a year, exposed the personal data of 400,000 loan applicants. In an English-language statement, UniCredit blamed an unnamed third-party provider for exposing Italian customer data – including International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs …

  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "GDPR ensures that data is accounted for, protected and access to it is managed"

    Not really. It just ensures that failure to do these things may result in a big fine. It's the same sort of thinking that says if we ban encryption Bad People won't use it.

    1. onceuponatime

      "If we ban guns bad guys won't use them."

      "If we ban drugs bad guys won't use them."

      "If we ban books people won't be educated voters."

      ....I'm sure we could go on. :P

      1. Sanctimonious Prick

        Err, yeah. Good point. Women can do no wrong.


      2. Jamesit

        "If we ban evolution only outlaws will evolve"

  2. Daedalus Silver badge

    John Glenn said it best

    Sitting on top of tons of rocket fuel, he said that he "just realized that his ride was built by the lowest bidder".

    Security provided by the lowest bidder. Slightly better than letting the crims in the front door.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cloud-Outsourcing / Server-Misconfiguration

    Its all starting to blow back now... Tip of the iceberg just this year already... Those who approved these projects got their bonuses and retired long ago!

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