back to article Redis releases respectable revision, tiptoes through tricky political terminology

Redis, the moderately popular in-memory open-source database has just hit its 4.0.0 milestone, to the delight of some. Project creator Salvatore Sanfilippo, who presently oversees development of the NoSQL info store at Redis Labs, celebrated the event with a Google Groups note to fans. Conceding Redis is not yet magically …

  1. Steve Aubrey

    Nice reporting

    Slave/salve - very good!!

  2. ds6 Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    I'm glad the Redis team didn't bend over backwards for the political crazies that whine about such trivial matters as database terminology---terminology that has probably existed longer than they have been alive. There are people being murdered in real life over racial, gender, sex, and other issues, and yet people want to focus on technical terms?

    "This is an opportunity for Drupal to promote inclusiveness, to be a part of a charge that demonstrates that amongst the plethora of stories about tech discrimination, we listen, and we react, and we try to change to make everybody feel welcome."

    Make people feel welcome by making people feel welcome. If you are unable to exist in a world that probably doesn't care about you you have more problems than just technical terminology.

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