back to article Dutch Senate votes to grant intel agencies new surveillance powers

Plans by the Dutch government to increase surveillance powers are likely to face opposition from privacy activists. A revamp of the country's laws (in Dutch) was passed by the Senate on Wednesday, clearing the final legislative hurdle after years of debate and protest, Reuters reports. The new Intelligence and Security Act …

  1. Marcel

    Most politicians, like most citizens, who are not tech savvy, don't understand how useless such laws are in catching terrorists. Meanwhile, they hurt everyone by making us all more vulnerable by putting all of us under surveillance.

    The good news is that a non-profit group of lawyers, the Public Interest Litigation Project (, is already planning to fight this law in court.

  2. imanidiot Silver badge

    Still getting worse

    Somehow things are still getting worse, even when you think we couldn't sink any lower. (And we're already close to or below sea-level)

    The law gives very broad powers to the surveillance agencies. Pretty much giving them power to do whatever the hell they feel like. The promises of extra oversight are vague and unclear and badly defined. Again meaning the AIVD and MIVD (Civilian and military intelligence agencies) can do whatever the hell they feel like.

  3. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "three years"

    Even the UK, when it got the EU to accept the Data Retention Directive, could "only" manage to get 2 years.

    I'm not sure what the Dutch for "data fetishist" is but they certainly have struck a blow for the cause.

    The cause of having dirt on anyone in a country they can use as and when they need it.

    1. imanidiot Silver badge

      Re: "three years"

      Funilly enough it's "data fetishist"...

  4. Snorlax

    Sauce for the goose?

    Did the Dutch politicians exempt themselves from the laws like our shithead politicians did recently when they passed the Investigatory Powers Act 2016?

    1. Alister

      Re: Sauce for the goose?

      Did the Dutch politicians exempt themselves from the laws etc

      It was probably the very first clause of the bill.

  5. Aodhhan

    Fighting this the wrong way

    The freedom of a nation and national security will always outweigh individual freedom. This is why electronic surveillance has been going on over 100 years in many different forms without any success to do away with it.

    The fight shouldn't be against the use of surveillance, it should be to increase penalties and sentences against those who misuse surveillance technology and the intel information from it. Ensure directors and supervisors are held responsible for any misuse (no matter how small) with prison sentences and you'll see strict policies and procedures in place to restrict, account and record any use just to cover their ass. You'll also see it will only be used when absolutely necessary.

    Not to mention, it's difficult for a politician to tell their constituents they aren't a proponent of accountability and transparency.

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