back to article Barracuda's so solid crew: We got three more quarters to go

Ransomware helped backup and security firm Barracuda to a solid first fiscal 2018 quarter, with revenues and subscribers both growing. Barracuda grew revenues 8.7 per cent year-on-year to $94.2m although profits were almost flat at $2.7m compared to $2.8m a year ago. Revenue growth rate stepped up a bit from the prior quarter' …

  1. art guerrilla

    i thought *they* were the ransomware...

    1. worked at a couple companies who fell for this crapware,

    2. 'caught' stupid crap a lot of the time, but not all of the time,

    3. 'caught' VALID emails (from people corresponded with previously) a number of times, once actually causing a problem because an email was not seen,

    4. had issues trying to unblock valid emails,

    5. in short, i got more SPAM FROM THEM telling me what a great job they were doing catching harmless emails, then they ACTUALLY 'caught'.

    but korporate droids have to look like they are doing *something*, even if it is useless; who knew there could be so much money in selling virtual tiger rocks...

  2. Daedalus Silver badge

    Never mind P & L

    They're still just a bunch of tossers. Ask them how to block specific types of e-mail and all you get is gobbledegook. We had a system from another company that was A-1 foolproof and secure by default. Then their sales droids got to work. These guys are the IBM of infosec: all sales pitch, no innovation.

  3. Androgynous Cow Herd

    I will give them some kudos

    Never used the product, probably never will, but they appear to be more profitable than almost all of the IT industry.

    1. K

      Re: I will give them some kudos

      Thats because 99% of their platform is open source, and they don't re-invest!

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