back to article Indian telco Reliance Jio denies claims of 100m record data breach

A row over data security is gripping India, with Reliance telco brand Jio denying claims it has leaked the details of 120 million customers. The FoneArena blog was first to spot data purporting to be LTE-only network Jio customer information on the now-suspended While FoneArena asserts the information was …

  1. Sitaram Chamarty
    Big Brother

    biometrics target?

    Disclaimer 1: I am a strong opponent of Aadhaar (UIDAI) and I see Aadhaar issues everywhere so this may be some sort of bias on my part.

    I know two people who took a Reliance Jio sim. Both were issued on the basis of India's new "papers please" card. In one case, the person was asked to submit his fingerprint to verify. (The other I could not reach in time to write this comment).

    Disclaimer 2: As you can see, the sample size is ONE. Caveat reader!

    That said, I strongly suspect that whoever snarfed the data (possibly our 'friendly" neighbour to the north) was after the fingerprint details, because everything else is already easy to obtain from other channels.

    If the bank accounts (now forced to be linked to Aadhaar by our "papers please" government) of any of these people start seeing "action", we'll know for sure.

    (The only defense Reliance will have if this happens is "there are so many other places people could have got these details". Sadly, that is also true!)

    1. Sitaram Chamarty

      Re: biometrics target?

      update: sample size upped to 2, got confirmation from the other one also!

    2. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: biometrics target?

      If I could go off on a tangent for a moment, it seems to me that Indian bureaucracy, descended as it is from British bureaucracy, is only doing what British bureaucracy would do if it thought it could get a way with it.

      However British bureaucracy is having a go at it with the proposed ID cards for EU citizens database and your story serves as a warning as to how it could go wrong.

      It'd be interesting to know how many in the upper echelons of the Indian civil service are Oxford PPE educated or similar.

      And now, back to your scheduled programme...

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