back to article Cisco's fifth UCS server generation surfaces

Five new Cisco UCS servers have come to light, courtesy of Storage Review, which temporarily withdrew its story for some reason. Tsk tsk. Early signs are that Cisco appears to be cutting its blade server product line count. Cisco has made no formal announcement yet but we're expecting one in a few hours. All these M5 …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Twice the memory but 1/2 the Memory sockets

    Alas intel decided to reduce the number of memory sockets per socket, forcing us to use 128GB Dimms for high memory requirements.

    1. baspax

      Re: Twice the memory but 1/2 the Memory sockets

      Memory bank totals have stayed the same. You used to have 3 banks per channel and four channels per CPU. Now it's only two banks but six channels, so the total of 12 stays the same.

      It was really not funny to populate all three banks on a channel because memory clock speed would drop by three clicks (2400 down to 1666MHz). Cisco UCS is/was the only platform which would only drop by one click (2400 to 2133) when fully populated, hence their popularity in high density and high performance shops.

      Alas, now the playing field is level again in regards to RAM. We shall see what the big differentiators will be. I look forward to many presentations about power and cooling savings!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I wonder what the failure rate of the "mezzanine cards" will be in this new generation?

    1. baspax

      Re: Mezzanine

      None of my MLOM VICs ever failed. What are you talking about?

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