back to article Nothing could protect Durex peddler from NotPetya ransomware

The owner of the Dettol brand and Durex condoms could be left millions out of pocket after falling victim to the NotPetya ransomware last week. The malware attack, which centred on Ukraine but also affected several multinationals worldwide, disrupted production and deliveries at UK-based Reckitt Benckiser, a consumer goods …

  1. DagD

    No rain suit could weather the storm...

    Now their assets are in bind.

    Pressed hard, there was little choice left, but to choke on fulfilling orders...

  2. Locky

    Unconfirmed reports

    That the AV software was still in its wrapper. Apparently, it didn't feel right when they used it last time

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's always the 0.1% that gets you in the end.

    1. wolfetone Silver badge

      I thought that's what the wire brush and Dettol was for though?

  4. adnim

    "...and advertising group WPP"

    So not all bad news then?

  5. Daedalus


    Sometimes a company has to book an off month anyway. Maybe they're just throwing some bad receivables on the fire and blaming the cyber attack?

  6. Alister

    It is still not clear to me by what mechanism the NotPetya was spread.

    For a number of victims, it was widely reported to be an infected update of the MeDoc financial software, but I struggle to understand why Reckitt Benckiser, Fed Ex, Maersk, WPP etc would be running that software.

    1. Bronek Kozicki

      The fact that these are very large companies may indicate that they have offices in many places in the world. My guess is their offices in Ukraine (which have to follow local accounting rules and will likely use local software for this purpose) got infected first, then the infection spread over the company-wide network. Could be local sales, warehouses or production facilities, does not really matter which.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Which begs the question.

        Who is their IT supplier of choice and why didn't they prevent this?

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        True. But, they should have used better protection.

    2. Tom 38

      This is why they think it is a state actor, NotPetya was crippled to *not* attempt to spread via the internet, and only propagate itself to machines in the same private network. The initial infection vector for the private networks was via a dodgy update of MeDoc, which is mainly/solely used within Ukraine. The intention was (probably) to cripple Ukrainian companies.

      Multinationals who have offices in Ukraine, and are required to use MeDoc, got infected in their Ukraine offices, which then spread outside the couuntry via internal network links.

  7. 2460 Something

    If they don't effective protection, how can they advocate that others do!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Surprising, I would have thought they would have had the systems back up in a jiffy.

  9. Kaltern

    Presumably, they won't be reusing the same protection again.

  10. Khaptain Silver badge

    DRP might have been better than a flavored condom.

    For a company with such a high revenue / profit, where was there DRP/BCP.

    Outside of Exchange or Database applications it's hard to imagine what connexions were open between multi-sites that allowed for propagation of the virus!!!

    As they saying goes : Protect yourself first then start taking care of others .....

  11. Grunt #1

    Nothing new under the sun.

    Estimated losses of £100 million so far and a 7% reduction in value in the past month.

    Any company that hasn't prepared a decent DRP by now should so, before it's their turn. If you think risk acceptance will save you, you are sadly mistaken.

    The most common beginning to a disaster is a sense of security.

    Gaius Velleius Paterculus approx. 30 AD

  12. m0rt


    "Factors such as a new Goods and Service Tax in India"

    Gets them coming and going...

  13. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    So this is what happens

    if you don't practice safe hex?

    1. Meph
      Thumb Up

      Re: So this is what happens

      I'm rather enjoying the irony of a condom manufacturer picking up something nasty from not using adequate protection.

      I wonder how many of their old advertising slogans could be turned into something amusing.

  14. dmacleo

    so..a virus (yeah I know...using word virus to push the meme) got past the rubber......

  15. Anonymous South African Coward Bronze badge

    We have a VPN tunnel between main office and remote office.

    We blocked all ports except remote desktop protocol. And the RDP servers sit on a different subnet.

    So it should be good enough to block any nasty malware from spreading from here to there, or from there to here.

    Only time will tell.

  16. DownUndaRob

    Branding Overload

    Here in DownUndaLand Durex is a brand of Sticky Tape, made for an interesting moment reading the headline...

    1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Re: Branding Overload

      Yes. This has caused confusion and awkward moments before.

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