back to article FTC approves Broadcom Brocade buy – if Cisco switch tech is walled off

Broadcom's $5.9bn purchase of Brocade has been approved by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) so long as Broadcom's technology used in chips for fibre channel switches built for Cisco is walled off from its storage networking business. The two main suppliers of fibre channel switches used in storage networking are Brocade …

  1. thegroucho

    In other news

    Turkeys voted for Christmas, wolves and poachers have applied to become gamekeepers, etc

  2. Chris Mellor 1

    I have learned ....

    I hae learned from a correspondent who must remain anonymous that Brocade design their own ASICs for Fibre Channel switching. The actual chips may have been fabbed by IBM.

    Brocade reckoned that having its own custom ASICs enables lower latency, more sophisticated monitoring functions, better power/cooling requirements as well as more reliable kit.

    My correspondent suggests that we might think it strange that Cisco is seeking protection when historically it's played catch up with every generation of Brocade kit whilst trying to strangle FC as a technology.

  3. razorfishsl

    Protected from itself ,but not foreign governments.

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