back to article Can VMware exploit its VRealize refresh?

VMware's VRealize suite for management and orchestration recently received its bi-annual refresh for hybrid-cloud wranglers. The vRealize brand is at the core of VMware's cloud play. It's also a meaningless bit of marketing jibber-jabber that VMware slaps in front of a swatch of products that share no connection whatsoever. …

  1. ZenaB

    VMwares packaging is one of my pet hates about its system. The products are (nearly) all great, but it's like a ladder - once you're sorted at your current rung, to move up to the next one is mucho $$$, ad infinitum.

    1. K

      I'd agree the core products are relatively good.. but items such as Log Insight and Operations Manager really don't stack up against the competition on price or features. Which is a great shame, as at one point Log Insight has the potential to take on Splunk, but like all tier 1 behemoths they lacked the foresight (I'm pointing at you HPE and IBM!)..

      1. ZenaB

        Log Insight should be bundled with vSphere itself IMO. vRNI should likewise come with NSX. They're almost useless without and it's for looking after/diagnosing another product!

        As said below, in theory Azure Stack looks to be what VMware should have released last year. Being MS though, it'll be terrible on release but pretty good later. Imagine having a combined vSphere+vSAN+NSX+vRealizeSuite combination for a reasonable price! Aside from the price, I guess this is likely to be what VMw on AWS will be..

  2. thondwe


    VMware just has to bundle it all together for a moderate $$$ - Azure Stack (which is fundamentally NOT the monster that System Centre has become) and is about to park on it's Lawn and comes with a kitchen sink in the price.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Private cloud is DOA

    I have worked with dozens of customers who are trying to do "private cloud". The reality is most IT departments (at least in the USA) are incapable of working in this fashion. The employees lack the automation skills to make this work. Management is more interested in maintaining silos of infrastructure (network ,compute, storage) than in making IT actually work like a cloud. The average IT manager (who VMware sells to) is basically incompetent and has little to no understanding of what the business actually needs. VMware is living in an on-prem world whereas Microsoft has finally acknowledged that on-prem is dying and is really preparing for that. I just don't see how VMware stays relevant after the next 5 years. And even though NSX numbers are up, the reality is most customers buy it for the micro-segmentation. I have yet to meet a single customer using VXLAN whatsoever. The skills are just not there in most IT departments.

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