back to article US army spin-off GPU database bags $50m Series A funding

Kinetica, the in-memory GPU-accelerated database, has pulled in $50m in its first major venture capital financing round. The figure - large for Series A funding - was revealed by the company today, and takes its total venture funding to $63m. Kinetica started life in 2009 as a US Army research project, with co-founders Amit …

  1. Julz Silver badge


    Looks like CAFS for non-structured data.

  2. Alistair


    -> The apple in the header picture.

    *very* Disturbing.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ohhh can't trust them...

    ...military ties and all that.

  4. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Horses for courses.

    As always the question is how well does this tech fit the job profile you need doing.

    For the right kind of work load it might well be the SoA.

    The question is of course if your work load fits that profile.

    Making that decision may be quite difficult.

  5. Jim84

    MMO Economies

    This could be very useful for balancing the online economies in multiplayer videogames, which at the moment suffer from rampant inflation.

    To get some idea of the current difficulties and kludges around this have a look at Star Citizen's development:

  6. RudderLessIT

    Which cloud will pick it up first?

    If the technology is sound and you really can run SQL as fast as they say, with relatively very small amounts of resources (GPU) required, it could impact the business case to go to the cloud.

    So if your organisation is moving/has moved to a cloud provider, then this is great news for your operational costs!... as long as they support it & GPU is still not widely available (across all locations).

    So if AWS; Azure; Google or anyone else wants to be an early adopter, they are going to have to commit to all regions to have ready access to GPU - which would be great!

  7. whiz

    without's toast

    Without cloud option... This technology is toast

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