back to article Useful Ajit Pai's lawyer nominated for top US telco watchdog role

President Donald Trump has nominated Brendan Carr, the FCC's general counsel, to fill the last remaining Republican commissioner slot at America's telco watchdog. Carr is a long-time associate of FCC chairman Ajit Pai, having served as his personal legal advisor for three years before being appointed as the regulator's general …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    President Trump can be summed up quite easily with song lyrics, Pink Floyd - Mother.

  2. Someone Else Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Sehr Geehrter Lügenführer Drumpf

    How's that drainey-swampy thing workin' out for ya?

    1. Chemical Bob

      Re: Sehr Geehrter Lügenführer Drumpf

      Oh, the drainey-swampy thing is going just fine. It's just that to you and me the swamp is the tangled web of corporate special interests that want consumer protections and regulation removed so they can stick tracking devices up our exit ramps in order to monetize every aspect of our lives but to the Cheeto Emperor the swamp is the tangled web of consumer protections and regulation preventing corporations from monetizing every aspect of our lives by sticking tracking devices up our exit ramps.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Trump put his hands in the swamp....

    ... and found the guys he needed for the roles he needed....

  4. mediabeing

    The Public's interest? What's that?

    1. Ole Juul

      Public interest?

      Unfortunately that won't be possible with only five commissioners since they are all needed to represent the monopolies.

  5. Queasy Rider


    ...the fix is in.

  6. fishbone

    We're so screwed, oh but Hillary would have done the same thing.

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