back to article Speaking in Tech: Yes, they advised me to turn my phone off...

speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise This week in our tech-news talk-fest, Peter Smallbone steers the ship with Ed Saipetch and special guest Ben Kepes, business leader, evangelist, entrepreneur and commentator. This week the trio discuss Ben’s adventures without a passport, OpenStack woes, AWS and Walmart …


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  1. sorry, what?


    What's wrong with using Airplane Mode? Isn't it good to be disconnected for an hour (or 10) whilst on the flight and have a jolly good excuse for it? Think of all that extra working/play time to be had without the bother of new texts/IMs/emails/messages. Bliss.

  2. Enno

    Some colleagues here used to have a company called Functional Software. At one conference they too were handing out socks with their logo and the tag "Functional Sockware". I think I still have mine (or maybe just one?)

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