back to article JFrog leaps, wolfs down CloudMunch

After a $50m investment January 2016, Israel-based software delivery automation vendor JFrog is in acquisition mode – specifically, it's eating some analytics brains. JFrog is acquiring the $3.5m-backed CloudMunch, which offers collaboration and software delivery lifecycle analytics. "The DevOps revolution started with …

  1. M7S

    Forgive me if I am rather late to this party

    And I am very sorry if this is a repeat post from some years ago (memory and El Reg's forum search both fail me) but is this company aware of the very similar medical acronym used (I believe originating in the US) in some departments to explain the expiration of patients






    Variations (jpfrog: just plain effing ran out of gas) etc etc probably abound

    *One does not wish to spoil another chap's afternoon tea with unnecessary profanity.

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